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"Thankful" Thanksgiving Garland


We've put together a fun and easy tutorial to make a Thanksgiving "Thankful" garland for your bar cart or dining room wall - just a reminder to your friends and family about the reason for gathering around the turkey later this month!

This isn't the quickest project (it will take about 90 minutes from start to finish!) but it's incredibly easy.  We cut our leaves out while relaxing in front of the television with an early Hallmark Christmas movie.  Once the Halloween costumes are packed away, we're 100% on board with celebrating the season! 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!  If you make it, please tag us on Instagram (@sprinklesocial) - we'd love to see!

Garland featured with our festive Thanksgiving party cups.  


Sprinkle Social


4 sheets of colored stiff felt (Make sure it says "stiff".  The felt we purchased is here
1 sheet of white stiff felt
Sharp fabric scissors
3 meters of ribbon, satin cord or rope to make the garland
Double sided tape


1.  Select the colors of felt you'd like for the garland.  We went with four different fall-themed colors.  With the four different colors, we ended up with two leaves in each color.

2.  Roughly cut out the leaves and letters, without leaving too much excess white paper around them. 

3.  Flip each of the leaves over and put on 2-3 generous pieces of double sided tape on the back.  Make sure to stick the tape close to outlined edge of the leaf to ensure a tight seal with the felt as you cut.

4.  Firmly stick the leaves to the colored felt - 2 leaves per sheet.  We chose to stick ours close to the edge to preserve the rest of the piece for another project! 

5.  Roughly cut around each leaf to remove it from the sheet.  Once cut down to a manageable size, use your scissors to cut along the thin black outline on the template to shape the leaf. 

6.  Once all 8 leaves are cut out, peel off the white paper template and double sided tape.  Enjoy your 8 cut leaves! 

7.  Next:  the letters.  Flip each letter over to stick on double sided tape.  Attach them firmly to the piece of white felt.

8.  Roughly cut around each letter to remove it from the sheet.  Once cut down to a manageable size, use your scissors to cut along the outline on the template to shape the letter.  

9.  Peel off the white paper template and double sided tape.

10.  Arrange the cut leaves on a table in the color order you'd like, and lay the cut out letters on top of the leaves.  

11.  Using small pieces of double sided tape, affix each letter on to the front of each leaf.  Use a small amount on the back side of the letter so you can't see any tape peeking through once it's stuck on.

12.  Once all of the leaves and letters are assembled, grab your ribbon to assemble the garland.

13.  Start about a third of the way down the length of ribbon and tie each leaf on in order.  Leave a few inches in between each leaf.  

14.  Voila!  Hang up your garland and celebrate your festive craftiness.